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bo What is a Sunnybrook Doberman?
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When properly trained and socialized Sunnybrook Dobermans are Loyal, Protective and make
wonderful companions.

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The Dobermann is the only breed of dog that was developed by man for man and was named after a man. This is the key to both his physical structure and his unique temperament.

The Sunnybrook Doberman is a highly intelligent, easily trainable, large, square appearing dog with short, tight, thick hair.
He is compactly built, muscular, powerful, has large bone, a large full jaw and is very fast!
He is elegant in appearance but not fine boned, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. He is an energetic, determined, alert and fiercely loyal dog.
He has solid bone structure and a heavy strong body.
Full European males weigh in up to 115 lbs and up to 30 inches tall when mature which may be well over AKC standards but are within their breeds FCI, D-V or IDC standards for European Dobermanns.

How did the Doberman originate?

Herr-Dobermann of Apoldu, Germany began breeding Dobermann Pinschers in 1880. He was a dog catcher, official of the tax office and also employed as a night police officer. He owned dogs that were black with red markings and a lot of gray undercoat.
His son, Louis Dobermann, described his father's dogs as "a dog of such great intelligence as is seldom found. They were clever and fearless and knew how to bite. My father could hot have chosen a better one."

How big do Dobermans get?

The average size and weight of the adult Sunnybrook Doberman is: Females, around 26 to 28 inches and 75 to 90 lbs. Males are larger, around 28 to 30 inches tall and up to 115 lbs. This is as you can clearly see a bit larger than our American standard but what is considered normal for an European imported Dobermann that is still bred for knockdown power, tracking and agility.

What colors are Dobermans?

AKC Dobermans in America come in four colors. European Dobermans come in two colors.
America recognizes ~ Black with rust or tan markings, Red with rust or tan markings, Blue with rust or tan markings and Fawn with rust or tan markings. The rust or tan should be sharply defined appearing above each eye, on the muzzle, throat, fore chest, on all legs and feet and under the tail. Nose should be black on black dogs, dark brown on red dogs, dark gray on blues and dark tan on fawns. White patch on chest, not exceeding 1/2 inch square is permissible.
European Dobermans recognize Black and Rust and Red and Rust. Blue and Fawn are NOT a register able colors as they are considered less desirable in the gene pool of today.

What is the Doberman's role in working today?

The Sunnybrook Dobermans main job is to provide protection and companionship for you and your family!
He will do so with his very life if need be. They are tough and fearless, loyal and courageous yet can be gentle as a lamb with your children and grandparents. While some Dobermans still do their traditional guard and police work and are used as watch dogs, most Dobermans are beloved family companions in city apartments as well as suburban and country homes... still doing the work they were bred to do, guarding their masters, his family and belongings. Their compact size, short hair and adaptable nature makes them the ideal companion in our modern crowded world. Easily trained and groomed, they are favorites for obedience trials, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, Ring Sport and Schutzhund competitions along with the conformation show ring.

Who should have a Doberman?

The Sunnybrook Doberman is an energetic and highly intelligent determined dog. The person that owns him should be physically and mentally able to train his puppy. The Doberman is a loyal and obedient watch dog and respects authority, if you are a "door mat" do not buy one of my puppies!. He will possess great speed and power. When raised with firm and loving discipline as a house companion, he will be a wonderful trustworthy protector. He needs an owner with a kind but firm hand with an authoritative voice, who will devote the time to train him and take him to obedience or show handling classes while he is young and moldable.
When raised with affection but not taught any manners, cuddled one moment and screamed at the next or left to grow up alone outside in your backyard without attention and training, he will fast become a delinquent, just as your human teenager would and probably did!
There are many people who admire and love Dobermans who should never be encouraged to own one, the same as there are many wonderful people out there who should never be parents!

Should I buy a Male or Female Doberman?

This is a common question I get asked from time to time.... The Sunnybrook Doberman possess four characteristics which makes it stand out among all the other breeds, speed, power, quick reaction time and independent thinking. ALL good Dobermans will have this independence tempered with a strong desire to please his master, regardless of sex.
Females: ~ In most cases she will be more concerned about pleasing her master. The female is usually a little faster and her reaction time a little quicker than the male. While she is not smarter than the male, she usually trains easier as she will pay better attention to her owner.
Males: ~ He is more powerful than the female because of his size. He can be harder to control because he is more determined and much more interested in what is going on in the world around him (breeding opportunities). If he is taught manners and well trained early in life, he will make a wonderful companion and Watchdog!

Are Dobermans good pets with children?

The Sunnybrook Doberman is an EXCELLENT family dog! A life as a family member is our goal in producing a litter.
He is a devoted companion and protector. With training and intelligent socialization of the dog and child, the Doberman makes a gentle playmate for a kind and considerate youngster. He makes an excellent dog for a junior who wishes to exhibit in dog shows, obedience trials or Schutzhund competition.
Our Dobermans are even great in 4-H.

Are Dobermans easy to care for?

The Dobermans thick short coat needs only an occasional brushing and his toenails kept trimmed neatly. In bad weather, a vigorous toweling will quickly clean and dry him. He is naturally as tidy as a cat and keeps himself clean and rarely has any "Doggy odor". He is easily housebroken and will adjust to most anyone's daily routine... he just wants to be with his master. He will appreciate a romp outside or a long hike, but he is most content to just curl up on a rug in the house next to your feet. Do you need a large yard for a Doberman?The Sunnybrook Doberman is happiest when he is inside with his master. Remember he is "The Velcro Dog". However, he should have a large place to exercise freely off lead. It doesn't need to be a large yard, just somewhere that he can burn off some energy especially when he's under 2 years of age.

What is the cost of a Sunnybrook Doberman?

A thing of beauty.... is a joy forever. Even though you may not be interested in showing or breeding, a well-bred and healthy quality Sunnybrook Doberman puppy will bring you joy every day of it's life and he will provide you with enduring happy memories for a lifetime. He will grow into a handsome dog of which you will surely be proud of. The features of appearance temperament that attracted you to the Sunnybrook Doberman will be found only in the few select puppies which are carefully planned to preserve these typical breed characteristics.
We have spent years seeking out the finest kennels in the world and have invested Tens of Thousands of Dollars.
As evidenced by their pedigree, your Sunnybrook Doberman has been bred to a higher standard, we have sought out bloodlines with greater intelligence, stronger work ethic and a stronger desire to please, longer life expectancy while being healthier, which means less Veterinarian bills and suffering for you and your dog.
The difference in cost of the quality Sunnybrook Doberman that is from imported stock and a pet puppy from someone's backyard or worse, becomes small indeed when you consider the longevity, health and a willingness to please it's master and the years of Safety and Protection it will provide for you and your family.
I have had multiple calls from heartsick buyers who had purchased a less expensive puppy from a local breeder out of the paper or online only to have spent thousands of dollars on vet bills later. Many of them ended up burying their pet even after their heroic financial efforts.....
They were heartbroken and financially devastated!

Our Dobermans are $3500.00 on limited registrations, your puppy comes complete with dew claws removed, tails docked, micro-chipped for lifetime identification, ears cropped beautifully and full breeder support!

We seldom sell a puppy with full registration and breeding rights, however we do on occasion entertain a co-owner agreement with qualified trainers, handlers and breeders who wish to title their Dobermans and breed later.
We do accept PayPal for an additional 3% that is charged to us. The sire of our litters sold for 5 figures and our females were expensive to import as well.
The airline fee alone to import a dog from Europe is now over $2800.00

Yours and especially your child’s comfort and safety is priceless There's an old saying that....
"You get what you pay for"

working doberman for sal
If this sounds and looks like the kind of Doberman you are looking for then give us a call or drop us an e-mail here:
Jan at sunnybrook

unique dobermans for sale

Our Sunnybrook Dobermans are bred and raised to be your ultimate protector and companion, they are fearless and loving, if you are smarter than the average Sunnybrook Doberman then you will have found your new best friend right here, are YOU up for it ? :)

smart doberman puppy for sale
Nope, I'm not joking.... you're looking at the smartest Doberman Puppy you'll ever own!


Would you like to have fun and play with your Doberman too?
You can IF you make a careful selection on the temperament of your next Doberman best friend!

Just be consistent in showing your Sunnybrook Doberman what you want it to do and they'll do the rest.

Sunnybrook Doberman Pinschers were bred to be your family's best friend and protector, they live for this.
Your Sunnybrook Doberman Pinscher will want to be close, your Sunnybrook Doberman Pinscher will sleep with you if you let him, your Sunnybrook Doberman Pinscher will snuggle on the sofa with you if you let him.
The only desire in a Sunnybrook Doberman Pinscher's life is to be as close to you as possible so he can protect you, he was bred for this one purpose in life, please let him do the job he was bred for!

Our philosophy of what a personal protection dog is, is very simple: We believe a Unique Doberman desires to be a highly valued member of your family who that if it’s needed, will protect you fearlessly by barking, chasing away, or when necessary having the courage and ability to engage physically.
A Unique Doberman is also a loving and affectionate member of the family that enjoys normal daily family life, with family and friends.

Sunnybrook Dobermans....
A legacy of great family protectors

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Large European Doberman Puppies For Sale for Family Personal Protection ~ Price Start at $3500 AKC Limited ~ $4500 Pick of Litter

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