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Large Champion Sired European Doberman Puppies For Sale for Family Protection and Companionship~ Price Start at $2900 Limited ~ $3500 Contract - $4500 Pick of Litter

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Large German and European Female Doberman Puppies For Sale ~ Prices Start at $2500 AKC Limited ~ $3500 Contract ~ $4500 Pick of Litter

schutzhund doberman for sale schutzhund doberman for saleHome of truly protective and loving Dobermans!
Our Powerful and Strong Doberman puppies for sale grow up to be protective guard dogs for private families. With their powerful jaws and speed they are the perfect security dog for large gated estates.
Having been raised with kindness and love in a family home atmosphere they are well behaved and polite with your children and grandchildren

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We have a fully trained protection 111 level imported Doberman male for sale now to an approved home...

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