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For over 33 years Sunnybrook Ranch has produced and enjoyed great Cattle, World Champion Horses and Champion Imported Dobermans.
Pinto WorldUniqueCorrientee BullSBR World Champion
From World Champion Paints and Quarter Horses to International Champion wining Dobermans, our Dobermans, Arabians, Quarter Horses and Paints have taken us around the World and it's been quite a Ride!
I won't forget to mention Bruce who is My World Champion Roper!
( he won the new Dodge Dually pictured above)
A Delightful trip to Italy... the source of some of the Greatest Dobermans!
While we have retired from the cattle and horse industry on the scale we once enjoyed, we will still enjoy breeding an occasional litter of hand selected imported European Dobermans for both yours and our personal protection and enjoyment.
We have been incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to raise our children on authentic working farms and ranches.
Thank you to all of our past clients for your support and enduring friendships, for taking our Horses and Dobermans to the work place, to the ranches, rodeos, roping's, mountain trails, several World Champion Titles and everywhere in between ...thank you so much for providing our babies such great homes.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our efforts and labor as much as we did in producing and raising them.
Ranching is hard work, no one sees or hears of the rancher's sleepless nights with a calf warming in the kitchen, or the many long sleepless nights hand raising an orphan foal, the fading puppy you carry in your shirt keeping it warmed next to your body or the bitter cold nights your out trying to keep your orchard warmed with fires during spring frost season!
But for all of our efforts there has been nothing more delightful than walking outside on a beautiful spring day with a passel of playful puppies who are happily following along to watch the new foals frolicking and racing around the green pastures.
Your happiness, safety and enjoyment is the reason we continue to breed and raise a few hand selected Horses and Dobermans....
The pleasure has been all ours!

prostate cancer cureProstate Cancer Cure
Thank you for all of your friendships and kind words during our personal health struggles while battling Cancer, your happiness and enjoyment with our babies has been the best medicine of ALL!

P.S. Don't miss your opportunity to own one of IDC Diploma winning International Champion titled Unique Best of Island IPO1 Multi CAC CACIB ZTP V1-A HD-A VWD and Cardio free Full European AKC Doberman puppies, these may be his last!

schutzhund doberman for saleguard dogs for saleHome of truly protective and loving Dobermans!
Our Powerful and Strong Doberman puppies for sale grow up to be protective guard dogs for private families. With their powerful jaws and speed they are the perfect security dog for large gated estates.
Having been raised with kindness and love in a family home atmosphere they are well behaved and polite with your children and grandchildren
giant dobermans in a basket
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We have a fully trained protection 111 level imported Doberman male for sale now to an approved home...

Large German and European Doberman Puppies For Sale ~ Prices Start at $2500 AKC Limited ~ $3500 Contract ~ $4500 Pick of Litter

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